Who we are


Future Earth was created in 1988, it is founded on a vision of creating an international environmental network. A network that aimed to share knowledge and experiences that would be beneficial for the different network organizations in Asia and Latin America. The endeavor is rooted in three different spheres: local projects for environmental development, education and networking. These spheres ought further be based on Future Earths founding principles: Ecology, self-reliance and cooperation.

In the first few years of Future Earth a cooperation grew with Biskops Arnös community college and the college held regular educations in ecology and communication.Simetaneously a knowledge exchange called “(To be thought by the global south)” started to take shape, in the exchange members from the network came to Sweden and shared there knowledge with schools, organizations and municipalities. The knowledge exchange started taking place in the nineties and it is still an important part of Future Earth.

Presently, the most important part of Future Earth is the programmes in Asia and Latin America, the internship programme and advocacy campaigns. The most important part of our organization is that we cooperate with our member organizations in Latin America and South Asia, and that they can participate in making all decisions which affect them.

The board

The board of Future Earth is elected on an annual basis by our members which is the different friend groups in Sweden.

Agenda 2030

Future earth actively utilize Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals. The most important goals for us is “Zero hunger”, “Sustainable consumption and production” and “Climate action”. However, all goals are important and they are connected. You are welcome to read more below on how Future Earth and the network organisations work with the different goals.

Guidelines and policy

Future Earth bases all work in certain guidelines and policies. You are welcome to read more about our guidelines and policies below.