The Power Over Food Week 2018

Welcome to our annual power over the food week!

October 22-28 it’s time for Power over Food Week again! This year we are organizing a seminar tour with stops in Umeå, Gävle, Uppsala, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Lund, together with guests from South Africa, India, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia and Sweden. You are welcome to meet us where it suits you best!

We are organizing this week to create a broader discussion about food sovereignty in both Sweden and on a global level. This year, we are focusing on large companies’ increased power over the food systems and how it is affecting small-scale farmers, the majority of whom are women.

With the extreme heat and drought during the summer of 2018 in fresh memory, we also want to talk about the importance of sustainable small-scale agriculture and the conservation of biodiversity in order to be better equipped for climate change.

We have the opportunity to secure the food production of the future and we must act now.

The Network The Power over food: Africa Groups, FIAN Sweden, Future Earth, Friends of the Earth, Latin America Groups, the Confederation of Swedish Small Farmers and the Swallows India Bangladesh.