Srushtidnyan, India



Arouses interest in climate issues

At the beginning of the 2000s, the organization Srushtidnyan was formed with the primary goal of working for a more environmentally friendly and equal society. Climate change is the focus, and Srushtidnyan works hard and multifaceted to disseminate knowledge and raise awareness of the environmental problem, its consequences and possible solutions. The organization has its headquarters in the heart of Mumbai, but also carries out projects and various activities in the small town of Devrukh and in its surrounding villages – 30 miles south of Mumbai. The idea is that the organization should reach out to people in the big city slums as well as in the countryside, and gladly create a meeting and exchange between them.

The main target group is children and young people, and thus the best meeting place is the school. Srushtidnyan believes that if the idea of ​​a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future is raised early in life, then chances are that change will happen. The biggest project, and the heart of Srushtidnyan’s work, is therefore “Climate Ambassadors Mumbai Stockholm”. In the project, young people get the chance to become climate ambassadors and receive extra education in environmental issues. They may also participate in various activities and there is an opportunity to go on an exchange trip to Sweden. In parallel with the students, teachers may also undergo a green teacher education, in order to be able to incorporate environmental aspects into their work. In all partner schools there is a climate measurement station where the current weather is recorded and statistics are kept. In this way, an awareness is raised of the different weather phenomena and their impact on nature.

Parents may also get involved, so various competitions and events are organized where parents are given the opportunity to participate. For example, millet festivals are organized, where parents can contribute their best recipe for a dish, snacks or sweet with millet as the main ingredient. Everyone gets to taste the entries and then a winner is selected. Millet has many benefits from an environmental and health perspective, and it is a much appreciated way for parents, children and teachers to learn how it can be used.

In addition to working with young people and parents, Srushtidnyan collaborates with other organizations to reach even more. For example, projects for the preservation of native medicinal plants are being implemented, major climate conferences are being organized and Srushtidnyan is happy to ask if another organization needs help with environmental education. A new and large project has just started in collaboration with Mumbai’s counterpart to the Nature Conservation Association – Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS). It is about mapping and conservation work of mangrove swamps along the coast south of Mumbai.


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