Sobrevivencia AT, Paraguay


Sobrevivencia AT

Sobrevivencia-AT was founded in 1986 in Paraguay as a counter-reaction to the destruction of nature and culture that then took place in the country. The organization works on environmental issues that affect the land and life of indigenous communities and small producers, as well as vulnerable poor urban areas in the country. Sobrevivencia’s purpose is to preserve the environment and natural resources and to defend and promote the cultural identity of the country.

Sobrevivencia works with four parts: the environment, the ecosocial, governance and administration of the organization, as well as a legal part for support on issues that mainly concern social and environmental problems.

Sobrevivencia works in the areas of sustainable agriculture, land use, education and legal and technical advice. Sobrevivencia conducts impact work on the following topics: Ecological debt, Rainforest, GMO, Mining and Sustainable communities.


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