Serraniagua, Colombia



Serraniagua is an environmental organization founded in 1996 in Colombia. The organization strives to preserve biodiversity and promote agroecological production. They operate in the Tatamá National Park in the Valle and Choco regions of southwestern Colombia. Tatamá and the surrounding natural areas have a rich biodiversity and are regarded as one of the world’s “biodiversity hotspots”, where there is a great need for protection of the area.

Serraniagua is a local anchored organization where members are farmers who own nature reserves, associations with small farmers who work with agroecology, networks with women farmers, networks with young farmers, associations for ecotourism and jointly owned radio channels. By connecting people and actors with one another, one wants to create an increased exchange of services and cultural activities in the area. You work in the same way when it comes to the natural areas; By creating green corridors that link different natural areas with each other with the help of the farmers, they increase their resilience.


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