Puka Rumi, Ecuador


Puka Rumi

Puka Rumi is a local organization located in the Pastaza province of the Ecuadorian Amazon. The organization consists of 12 Kichwa families who are members of the indigenous organization CODENPE. They work from the motto and philosophy of “Sumak Kawsay”, which can be translated into “good living” (bien vivir). It is about finding ways of a just, solid society where the individual and collective development are given space while living in harmony with nature.

Puka Rumi aims to create sustainable development, especially focusing on the application, management and conservation of natural resources; to strengthen the Kichwas community by working for their right to speak and use their own language; and strengthen the Kichwa people’s cultural identity and preserve the traditional knowledge they possess.

The name Puka Rumi means “red stone” and refers to a large sacred stone found in a river in the area where the organization works. The first person to discover this stone was Pedro Lopéz and today several of his children and grandchildren continue to push his commitment to preserve nature in the province of Pasta through Puka Rumi.

You can read an interview in Spanish about the organization’s work here: https://iberoamericasocial.com/sumak-kawsay-sumak-allpa-y-sacha-runa-yachay/


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Email: pukarumikawsay@gmail.com