Our Agenda↴

Future Earth is an international network that supports initiatives that are based in social justice and ecological sustainability. The network have members in both Latin America, Asia and Sweden. These organizations conduct pilot projects, arrange education projects, inform each other and exchange knowledge within and outside the network.

Furture Earth primarly work in three different fields: Sustainable rural development, urban environmental affairs and different measures to ensure biological and cultural diversity. In the different fields there are continual educational programs in the form of nature schools and community colleges.

Future Earth strives to achieve a form of development that satisfies the need of current generations and future generations of humans. This agenda is based on three different principles ecology, self-reliance and cooperation.

Shared responsibility and communal planing↴

Future Earth has always sought to create horizontal forms of cooperation. The methods for shared responsibility and communal planing have been developed continually. All programs and projects in the international network are co-developed. The Swedish network applies for Sida grants from Forum Syd and the Swedish friend groups supports the projects that their friend organization in the south are implementing, the Swedish friend groups are further a part of the planning process, they also work towards spreading information about their friend organizations and they collect the capital which is necessary to be able to derive program funding.

The different projects in the programs are planned and decided by the different network organizations and each year a planing meeting is held. During the meeting the different projects, budges and whom is responsible for the different areas and the activities in these areas are decided upon. In the Asia program there is a coordination group whom plans meetings, workshops, advocacy campaigns and exchanges. In Latin America there is also a coordination group with similar responsibilities, a project commission whom scrutinizes different project proposals, a communication group whom are responsible for the advocacy planing and a commission whom are responsible for the development of communal examinations.

Exchange of knowledge and experience↴

An important part of the programme is to learn and develop different methods together. A result is that there are several exchanges between the organizations annually. They learn from each other through their experiences, knowledge, modes of working, organization and systems. The organizations achieve the later in several ways, two important methods are hosting courses and workshops in areas which are important for the organizations and this often occurs in connection to different programme meetings.

Knowledge and experience are also exchanged between Sweden and network organisations in Asia and Latin America. This is partly materialized by the information tour Learn by South, this information campaign is based on that different members from Asia and Latin America are invited to Sweden to share their experiences. However, this is also achieved by the Internship programme, where young Swedes are enabled to stay at an organization in Asia or Latin America for several months.

Where we work↴

Our locations?

The Future Earth network have membership organisations in Asia, Latin America and friend groups in Sweden.