Ladakh's Friend Group


Ladakh’s Friend Group work with Women’s Alliance, LEDeG, LEHO, SECMOL, Ladakh Amchi Sabha.

Ladakh’s Friend Group were formed in 1984. The business is mainly focused on disseminating information about the situation and developments in India’s northernmost part of Ladakh, which with its traditional culture can teach us a lot. The association also wants to stimulate contacts between Sweden and Ladakh through projects and exchange visits. Two to three times a year comes the member magazine Ladakh Nytt, which with pictures and reports shows the latest projects and developments in the region. The association also organizes exciting lectures and discussions, sometimes together with visitors and lecturers from one of the organizations in Ladakh. In order to be able to support the various organizations, Ladakh’s friends raise money that is transferred to projects that are focused on sustainable development and to strengthen Ladakh’s traditional culture. Ladakh’s Friend Group are in contact with and support various projects in the organizations Ladakh Amchi Saba, Womens Alliance of Ladakh, LEHO, SECMOL and LEDeG.


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