Ladakh Amchi Sabha, India


Ladakh Amchi Sabha

Tibetan medicine in Ladakh

Ladakh Amchi Sabha seeks to preserve and further develop traditional Tibetan medicine, now known as Sowa Rigpa, “the art of healing”. This medical tradition has existed in Ladakh for hundreds of years and is therefore adapted to the special environment and local needs. Despite this, Sowa Rigpa is today threatened by Western medicine. Through the collaboration with Ladakh’s Friends, amichin, which is the local traditional doctor in Ladakh, has been given increased status. It has also helped to expand the activities of amichin and the Indian state has gained an increased interest in traditional Tibetan medicine.

The organization works with the training of amphibian doctors, but also with organic cultivation of medicinal plants, endangered plants and with the manufacture of medicines. They also train women and produce educational materials for both women’s groups in the villages and for doctors.

Ladakh’s Friends regularly provide medical camps in remote villages to both provide medical assistance to people and to provide further education to the local amchin.

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