Kudumbam's friend group

Kudumbam’s friend group is a non-profit association in Sweden that is part of the international network Future Earth. We work with Kudumbam, which works to strengthen the rights of small farmers, landless agricultural workers, widows, single women and orphans. In the Friends group we are working on disseminating information about and with the collection for Kudumbam in Tamil Nadu, India.

In November 2017, Kudumbam’s friends invited Muthamil Selvi to Sweden. She works as a ‘federation coordinator’ at Kudumbam’s coastal office in Tranquebar, which means she is responsible for one of Kudumbam’s four microfinance federations. Through these, in particular, women can apply for loans to start up or continue running their businesses. Muthamil Selvi was invited to share his and Kudumbam’s work in Tamil Nadu during the “Food sovereignty week”.

Kick-off before the “Food sovereignty week” 2017. The friend group together with Linn from Future Earth’s office. From right: Tove, Muthamil, Lydia, Therese, Linn and Louise.

Gathering with old interns and the friend group; Anna, Kelly, Jonna, Madeleine, Muthamil, Lydia and Josefin.

One of the Future Earth’s seminar during the “Food sovereignty week”, here on the MR-days in Jönköping 2017. Muthamil together with Adriana Tovar (Future Earth), Joel Holm (Nordbruk) and Mario Beltrand (Redes)

Do you have questions about projects? Want to become active in Kudumbam’s friend group or Future Earth? Don’t hesitate to contact us via our Facebook page “Friends of Kudumbam”. If you are going to India, come by and visit Kudumbam!


Contact Kudumbam’s friend group
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kudumbams-Friends-217550851605014/
Contact persons: Emma Åhnström and Therese Strimell Flodqvist