Kawsay, Bolivia



Intercultural University for Indigenous People

Kawsay works according to the Andean cosmovision* whose central concepts are ecology, production methods, culture and rights of the Andean indigenous peoples. Kawsay means life in the language quechua. The organization was formed in 1999 in Cochabamba in Bolivia and now operates in the La Paz, Oruro, Chuguisaca, Santa Cruz, Cochabamba and Potosí regions. Above all, the organization wants to strengthen the culture and human rights of the various indigenous peoples. This is done through education and training that is based on the knowledge, technology, science and art of our own culture. The work is an important complement and alternative to the prevailing social system in Bolivia. Kawsay runs an intercultural university for indigenous people. The methods in the courses are based on local research and development, and the action options described are based on the indigenous peoples cosmovision. The university has education in ecotourism, indigenous peoples’ rights, intercultural pedagogy and organic production.

Cosmovision is used for worldview because it encompasses a larger sphere than the world included in the concept of worldview.

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Email: info@kawsay-unik.org