The internship↴
"From my time as an intern, I will bring with me a great deal of joy, new knowledge and a whole new view on the climate issue" - Alexander, ex Intern

The internship programme↴

Through our internship program you can go out to learn how the Future Earth organizations’ network work practically in the field. The internship program lasts for about 7-9 months and contains three parts;
⇒ Preparation before departure
⇒ International internship at one of the network organizations in Latin America or Asia
⇒ Information work in Sweden after the stay abroad

The purpose of the traineeship program is to increase the knowledge of how development cooperation is implemented in practice. By being part of an organization’s daily activities, you get, among other things; practical experience and knowledge of how development cooperation works; specialized knowledge in the areas the organization works with, for example, organic farming; and experience of living and working in a different context and culture than the Swedish.

Due to the global Covid-19 pandemic Future Earth has postponed all internships until the situation approves. We hope to resume the program soon in order to jointly rebuild what has been broken. You can read more about the program under become an Intern.

Ariun, ex intern

Location: The LEHO organization in India, Ladakh

Why did you apply for the Future Earth internship program?
I wanted to learn more about development cooperation. It was also a good opportunity to challenge myself by doing something different.

What dig you gain from your time as an intern?
I learned a lot during the year as an intern. The whole education and practice was very enriching both on the personal and professional level. Mostly, I learned about development issues and environmental issues. In addition, I gained practical experience on the work performed by a local organization and saw how it affects people. Although it sounds like a cliché this internship has made me think about the choices I make in life. I would recommend this practice to anyone regardless of interest and background.

What is your best tip for someone looking to apply for the internship program?
Pursue the internship and be open minded. In the beginning, I didn’t know what to expect from practice, but you will eventually get into it. It is important to have confidence in yourself as well as the Future Earth as the host.