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The support group consists of a few dedicated people who have come into contact with Sri Lanka in various ways, either as interns or otherwise interested in the Future Earth’s operations in the south. The purpose of the group is to communicate and collaborate with the people who now run the Gami Seva Sevana organization and to facilitate the work of rebuilding the farm business. We are driven by the idea that Gami Seva Sevana work at grassroots level with leadership training in organic farming and home gardens to help in local villages spread and develop the area. But the organization also shows the benefits of organic farming in contrast to all the companies that sell pesticides and other harmful substances in the villages. Read more about GSS here!

The support group mainly contributes with advice and support in connection with Gami Seva Sevana’s projects and ideas for the continued development of the organization. Another contribution is to build and develop a website for the organization and financial contribution to a project on biodynamic cultivation in home gardens during the years 2013 to 2016.

Sri Lanka’s friends were formed in 2011 to provide help and support to the two member organizations of the Future Earth in Sri Lanka. Since January 2013, one organization has left the Future Earth Network, and remains The Gami Seva Sevana in Galaha in central Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka’s friends changed their name to GSS Support Group in 2014.

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