Grupo Eco, Brazil


Grupo Eco

Camp for children

Grupo Eco, started by residents of the Santa Marta town of Rio de Janeiro in 1978, has conducted many activities for children and young people over the years.

The organization works with a special pedagogy to develop children and young people. Among other things, there is a colloquial activity for children between the ages of 6 and 15, when 300 children from the township for two weeks make excursions. The leaders of the various activities are the older youth, which provides a long-term perspective and contributes to a strong community between children and young people of different ages, but also to adults. The Brass Group has provided financial support for activities on various themes during these collegiate weeks and several of the group’s members themselves have participated as leaders for a few years.

Grupo Eco also works with environmental issues. A large part of the group’s environmental commitment is based on the problems in everyday life that people in the town itself experience. This applies in particular to poorly functioning garbage disposal, floods and reclaimed drains. Grupo Eco performs important information work through meetings, newsletters and TV programs produced by the organization itself. Residents of Santa Marta and participants in Grupo Eco also work on photography, film and posters. A major project is to communicate with the inhabitants through their own local TV channel; TV Favela. The participants themselves filmed and produced documentaries and information films for people in the town. The focus of the TV channel is of course to follow the daily life in Santa Marta and the various projects that the organization runs. The idea is to document and show concrete examples of what is happening in this way so that everyone can take part in the activities and changes that are made in the area.

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