Get involved in the internship programme

You can now apply for the abroad Internship programme with Future Earth which takes place in the spring 2020. The program aims to provide in-depth knowledge of environmental and development issues through an internships with Framtidsjorden's member organizations in India and Latin America.

The internship program is an opportunity for you between 20-30 years to learn and participate in development cooperation in practice. You also get to know the Future Earth in Sweden.

Who are we looking for?
Who we are searching for:
– You are between 20-30 years old.
– You have an interest in global development issues.
– You want to increase your knowledge of sustainable development.

Credits are:
– involvement in any association.
– experience of / education in agriculture and cultivation.
– knowledge of digital media and layout.
– experience of / education in journalism and writing.

Experience with cultural exchanges is a plus, but you must not have previously been employed by Framtidsjorden or participated in an internship funded by UHR.

We aim for a mixed internship group with many different experiences.

The introduction is scheduled to start at the end of January 2019 with two weeks of preparatory training at Framtidsjorden's office in Stockholm.

The internship will be conducted at one of our partner organizations in India or Latin America between February and June. After practice, the participants carry out outward work.

What will you do?
The whole practice is built on learning through the exchange of experience with others, both before, during and after the practice. What happens during practice differs between country, organization and period. First of all, you will learn about the organization and its situation by participating in the everyday work. A plan will be developed between the organization and the hired interns based on interests and skills. During your internship you will become an important link between Sweden and the organization. After practice, you become an informant for the Future Earth and will disseminate your experience. This work is done independently with the support of the officers at the Future Earth.

Future Earth reimburse the costs for travel, vaccines, visas, insurance, food and lodging during practice.
Food and living during the period in Stockholm is financed by the internship. The practice is funded by Sida genom  University and University Council as well as Forum Syd.

Submit a personal letter justifying your interest in the practice and a brief resume to practice @ by October 18, 2018.

Want to know more?
We have compiled answers to the most common questions under Frequently Asked Questions.

The interns of the Future Earth blog during their time out. You can read more about their experiences on the blog www and follow Framtidsjorden on instagram.

If you have specific questions contact: or

If you want to know more see the film about internship at the Kudumbam organization in India.