Comunidad del Sur, Uruguay


Comunidad del Sur

Cooperative and collective

Comunidad del Sur, outside Montevideo in Uruguay, is an organization and collective working on cooperative work and organic farming. You run courses, organize seminars and have a book publisher who publishes books on ecology and sustainable social development, among other things. Representatives of the organization managed to escape the dictatorship in Uruguay by being in exile in Sweden.

Today, the work is about environment, organic farming and the development of new ecological technologies. Capacity development courses and workshops are also conducted. Comunidad del Sur is a member of the Group for Organic Growth in Montevideo, in the Land Movement which supports the occupation of land and in the work of other organizations for land. In parallel with the other activities, the organization runs a bakery where they bake bread and cakes that are sold directly from the bakery and in different markets. The income from the bakery covers a large part of the costs of the other operations. You also run a farm where you make sweets from figs, guava, blackberries, and citrus fruits. They also conserve vegetables such as bell peppers and eggplant and make their own tomato sauce. This small-scale industry that the business has built up is mainly run by a women’s group.

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