Climate action



Climate action was launched on May 18, 2008 for a full house at KTH. We are an association that does not settle until a climate policy is taken that takes science very seriously and gives the climate issue a priority. We want to achieve this because if we do not meet this challenge, we risk losing everything else.

We welcome anyone who can stand behind our platform, regardless of the starting points and political, religious or other home concerns. We want to be the voice of citizens and civil society: an active force for the necessary change.

We do not prescribe in detail how the policy should be conducted, or how our members think on various issues. But we know that individual consumption choices or pure market solutions will not suffice. We must have a different policy. In order for politics to be traced forward, people’s movements need to send a clear and clear signal: we insist on immediate action!

In Climate Action, local networks and various subject networks are included. The association has a national board of directors with two spokespersons. There are also local associations with their own boards in three places in the country, Stockholm, Sundsvall and Uppsala. The association is committed to:

  • inform about climate change and action against it through popular education, opinion formation, publicist activities and influence work.
  • conduct studies on climate change and take fair action against them.
  • mobilize people for manifestations and actions against climate change and climate change activities.
  • cooperate closely with other organizations, not least with the international climate movement, in order to achieve common goals.

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