CEUTA, Uruguay



Agroecology and health

CEUTA is a small organization in Montevideo in Uruguay. The organization has been working to disseminate information on alternative technology and on sustainable and equitable development both in cities and in the countryside since 1985.

The organization works with agroecology *, medicinal plants, alternative energy and sanitation. Through meetings and seminars you exchange experiences and make plans on how a certain area should be developed together with those affected. CEUTA follows the research and also participates by systematizing medicinal plants. It is also a member of the network for medicinal plants, which holds seminars and courses, among other things. CEUTA was active when the agroecology network started in the country. It is a network of small farmers, organizations and consumers who want to develop, establish and disseminate knowledge about agroecology and new methods for sustainable, organic agricultural development. The organization also has a long-standing partnership with APODU, an association for organic farmers in Uruguay.

*Agroecology links knowledge of agriculture, society and surrounding nature. The starting point is that all living systems are dependent on and have an exchange with their surroundings. Here, man, society and nature are regarded as contributing and mutually dependent actors in the systems.
Source: SLU

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Email: ceuta@ceuta.org.uy
Website: www.ceuta.org.uy