Asociación de culturas Kawsay, Peru


Asociación de culturas Kawsay

Asociación de culturas originarias Suma Kawsay – Perú was founded in 2000 in Puno, Peru. Suma Kawsay aims to restore the cultural identity of the Aymara, Quechua and Amazon peoples in collaboration with organizations from Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. The organization works on this through intercultural educational education; “Community-based tourism”; regain the cosmovision and rituals of indigenous peoples, as well as indigenous and human rights.

⇒ Rebuild the identity of native villages, strengthen Andean-Amazon organizational systems
⇒ Recover knowledge and technologies to come up with new solutions to the economic, social and cultural challenges facing the world
⇒ Promote the various traditional production systems
⇒ Recover indigenous cosmovision and native language, develop intercultural and bilingual learning
⇒ Work for the human, social, economic, cultural and territorial rights of indigenous villages
⇒ Create meeting places for indigenous peoples’ organization and knowledge dissemination
⇒ Promote, deepen and disseminate research on ancient Andean-Amazon knowledge and technologies
⇒ Create conditions for the exchange of experiences between the Andean-Amazon native villages at local, regional, national and international levels
⇒ Advise the villages of origin
⇒ Promote the practice of spiritual rituals and ceremonies to strengthen Andean-Amazon identity, culture and cosmovision
⇒ Support conservation, preservation and the sustainable use of nature and biodiversity

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