Aquaponics, Sweden

Aquaponics is an organization that works with ecology through aquaponic systems in Stockholm. We ask the question – how can food cultivation in urban environments be combined with a functional public place in response to the growing urban community? We are looking for a place to build an ecology center. This center will be a place for learning through action, and do it right, by growing both food and community. Our goal is to create environments that promote a friendly and harmonious society.

Our goal is …

⇒ Getting to know each other.

⇒ Sharing what we know.

⇒ To have a place to share.


Contact Aquaponics
Contact us either by phone or via the Facebook group Aquaponics Sweden.
Benjamin: +4670-7823672
Andy: +4670-7474165
Amra: +4670-7916058