Advices and recommendations↴

... from Ecuador

Three things we appreciated with in Ecuador 

  1. The people! How kind, generous and loving most people are, despite rough living conditions, they receive you with open arms.
  2. The variation in the (relatively small) country – the coast, the mountains and the orient offers different climates and culture
  3. Chickens or guinea pigs on the bus? No problem! 40 roaring guinea pigs living in the kitchen? No problems!

Three things that have taken more time to get used to

  1. Time is flexible – Meetings are moved at the last moment, people do not arrive without warning or arrive two to three hours late for a scheduled meeting /activity
  2. The serving size at all meals (half the plate is often a mountain of rice!)
  3. The Hard Life of Small-Scale Farmers

Five things to consider before the internship

  1. It’s up to you how much you want to learn! What do you want to get out of the internship?
  2. Culture clashes aren’t always bad, often very fun indeed
  3. You don’t know what awaits you! Travel with an open mind!
  4. It may take some time for newly started projects to get started
  5. Wow!

/ Matilda and Tove

... from Bolivia

Top three challenges

  1. The frustration that nothing can be planned as we are used to.
  2. You live and work in the same place.
  3. Diseases under less favorable conditions.

Top five coolest experiences

  1. To live and share everyday life with people who live completely outside the capitalist system.
  2. To see the part of Bolivia that you had never been allowed to experience as a tourist.
  3. 16 hour bus ride is actually quite fun and cozy.
  4. To see the incredibly rich and diverse nature Bolivia has to offer (all dangerous animals).
  5. Carnival

Top 5 best tips for upcoming interns

  1. Prepare yourself mentally; nothing will be as you imagined.
  2. Hand disinfection, hand disinfection, toilet paper, toilet paper.
  3. Culture clashes are something that often comes unexpectedly. When do you get treated badly and when is it actually a conflict between cultures?
  4. Try to be open minded. Many events can become opportunities instead of problems.
  5. Keep in mind that sexism is more tangible than we are used to.

/ Sara and Cajsa