Centre for Improved Rural Health and Environmental Protection (CIRHEP), is a Non Government Organization, established on 1994, registered under Society Act, at Nilakottai, Dindigul district, Tamil Nadu, South India.


   Building the Capacities of the Rural Communities in conserving the Vaigai – Kaveri watersheds in Dindigul, Theni and Madurai Districts of Tamil Nadu and making the area sustainable for better livelihood.


    To create a sustainable human – ecology relationship and improve the quality of rural life by striving to alleviate poverty, provide education and conserve environment with the active participation of the rural community.

Our administrative office is in Nilakottai, in the E.B.colony. The hierarchy of our organization is given below:

                                   The General Body


                                   The Executive committee


                                   The Office Bearers (The President, Secretary & Treasurer)


                                   The Staff Team

The staff team consists of a Coordinator, Project Managers, an Accountant, Agronomists, an Engineer, Sociologists and field supervisors.

We have got 80G certificate, 12A certificate for tax relaxation and registered under FCRA.

As we are in the drought prone district, Dindigul, we have selected the cluster of watershed villages around kadavakurichi hill, which is a rain shadow region. Water is a big problem in this area and lack of sufficient rain is the main cause of the prevalent drought. To face the main problem we have created a close acquaintance with the village people, by implementing watershed projects, supported by NABARD and TAWDEVA, for the past 23 years and have successfully completed so far more than 10 projects. And we have also accomplished some of the foreign projects from FUTURE EARTH, Sweden, LIFE, Japan and GIZ, Germany.

For giving training to the farmers, village people, women and students, we have a Natural Resource Management Training Centre at Veelinaickanpatty. We conduct government supported training programs for farmers, from different districts and states, about soil and water conservation.

Central and State Government Projects:

We undertake various projects from various sources and have a holistic approach towards them.

NABARD:National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development is a national bank, through which the government of India gives funds for the development of farmers, villages and agriculture. With the fund and technical help of NABARD, we have accomplished watershed projects. Since the year 2014, we have been involving in Climate proofing projects in our watersheds, creating structures like field bund, farm pond, trench cum bund, check dams and doing agro horticulture, agro forestry, fodder development, etc. In the year 2016-2017, we got Climate Proofing Projects for 5 watersheds and doing well recharge pits, kitchen garden, backyard plantation and apply tank silt in the lands of the farmers.

Under Adaptaion Fund Board of Nabard also we have got a project in Sriramapuram/Malvarpatty watershed and accomplish the same kind of activities.

TAWDEVA: TAmil nadu Watershed DEVelopment Agency also releases fund along with NABARD combined for some of the watershed projects. In the year 2015-2016, we did a watershed project and we have made field bunds, farm ponds and horticulture and forest plantations. In the year 2016-2017, we got the II installment fund and are continuing the above mentioned activities.

FUTURE EARTH, Sweden: Since 2002, we have been involving in the projects from Future Earth, Sweden, to promote Organic agriculture, Nature school with children (Mulle school), Women empowerment, Food sovereignty, climate resilient agriculture, etc. We give training to the farmers, in the Nilakottai taluk, for the preparation of agricultural organic inputs and transfer the modern agri. related technologies to them. We guide them to apply tank silt in the soil, do summer plough before the rainy season and encourage the farmers to cultivate mixed crops, inter crops, to form poultry to earn extra income and to make kitchen garden to grow vegetables and fruits in the backyard of the village people without much expenses.

We get PGS certificates for the farmers and help them to market their produces. We have formed so far 30 PGS groups of farmers, each group having 10 members, and got PGS certificates for them to market their produce with more profit. As the farmers have been imparted the importance of Organic farming, they are involving in organic farming willingly, follow our support, do peer visits regularly to maintain the quality of the vegetables. We conduct training programs to them to prepare Organic fertilizers like Panja kavya solution, amirtha solution, tholluyir solution, etc. and to prepare Organic pest controllers like Five leaves solution, ginger garlic solution, fish solution, neem cake solution, etc.

We have formed a Farmer Producer Otganization, Kadavakurichi sustainable agriculture farmers producer Company, with a strength of more than 500 farmers, having a share capital of Rs.5,00,000 and striving hard to market their produces in various places and earn more profit for them.

Future earth sends two volunteers from Sweden every year to selected Partner NGOs for training under Volunteer Program.

Volunteers from Sweden visit here to learn about our Indian culture and about our activities in the field among the people. They visit here in the month of October, stay here, supervise and help us in our project activities, documentation of Success stories, Case study writing, updating our website, posting the activities in our face book page and making short films about our field activities. Since 2002, volunteers visit our organisation regularly and we get mutual benefit from each other and they play a key role in strengthening our Friend group in Sweden.

LIFE, Japan: (Live with Friends of Earth) In the years 2015 & 2016 we implemented this project, for the farmers in the Oddanchatram taluk for the development of agriculture and related activities.

GIZ, Germany: In the year 2014-2015, 2015-2016, we got two projects for Appiampatty and Poosaripatty watersheds. We did Climate Proofing activities like well recharge pit, fodder development, integrated farming system, bio-gas units, etc.

We facilitate the projects and make field bunds, farm ponds, check weirs, sunken ponds, etc. to conserve water and soil resources.

We introduce the government schemes to the farmers, link them with the government institutions and undertake technology transfer for the development of agriculture. We guide them to get the subsidies and schemes from the Horticulture and Agriculture departments of the government.

We educate the people about the necessity of having a separate bank account, to avail government loans and to get rid of the local money lenders and their arbitrary rate of interest. By forming Self help groups, we encourage the socio-economical development of women, create gender equality and earn respect for the women, in the society. Through our projects, we have promoted bio-diversity, converted fallow lands into cultivable lands, helped the farmers to develop fodder for cattle, raised the ground water level in many villages and spread environmental education among school children.

Thus, with the support of Government projects and some foreign projects, especially Future Earth projects, CIRHEP is facilitating the development of agriculture and enhance the life standard of the village people.

Kontakta CIRHEP