Birgitta Wrenfelt has left us

Birgitta Wrenfelt has left us

The founder of the Framtidsjorden, Future Earth, and one of our organization’s great inspirers past away on July 31 after a long illness.

For most of her life, Birgitta was involved in environmental issues and early active in the Friends of the Earth. During the late 1980s, Birgitta saw the lacking of mutuality in development cooperation and that many solutions to environmental problems already existed in the North as well in the South. Birgitta believed that everyone had to learn from each other and that everyone’s knowledge was important in the work to create a sustainable world. A key word for her was therefore collaboration.

In 1988, Future in our Hands and Friends of the Earth merged their development cooperation and formed Framtidsjorden, where several of Birgitta’s ideas could then be implemented together with environmental organizations in India, Latin America and Africa.

Birgitta, among other things, pushed that the voices from the South should be heard here in Sweden and that it was their knowledge that should control the development cooperation. This may seem obvious today, but 30 years ago it was not.

Through her involvement, not least in southern Brazil, she created relationships with committed environmental activists and was able to raise their questions here in Sweden and carry out knowledge exchanges between Sweden and the South and South-South.

Birgitta has been a member of the Board of Directors, worked at the Office and since the beginning she was involved in our member organization Centro Ecológico’s work in southern Brazil through the Friends Group for Centro Ecológico. As responsible for the ecology course at Biskops-Arnös Folk High School, she also contributed to a wide range of volunteers being able to collaborate with the projects in Framtidsjorden.

Birgitta leaves us with a great lack, but her ideas and thoughts live on through Framtidsjorden. Birgitta was, for many, a source of inspiration and commitment.

Commitment, collaboration and a belief that we can change our world is something she wants us all to take with us.