Millet – climate smart and healthy food

Different types of millets have been cultivated in India for thousands of years. These crops are drought tolerant, climate smart, and very rich in nutrients. But the commercialization of rice in the last decades have made many farmers shift into irrigated rice cultivation, and traditional crops have been left behind. Climate changes are being noticed […]

Participatory Guarantee System – a New and Sustainable Certification for Organic Products

Kudumbam NGO is helping marginalized and small scale farmers in Southern India to cultivate organic and organize themselves to get stronger together. Currently Kudumbam and the farmers are working with a certification for organic products called PGS; Participatory Guarantee System. PGS is different from other organic certifications in the sense that the farmers work together in […]

Organic farmers show the future in Tamil Nadu

Aravindan Neelamegam is an organic farmer in the Pudukkottai district, Tamil Nadu. He cultivates suger cane, and not only is this done pesticide-free and with organic fertilizers, but his farm is also drip irrigated with renewable energy from solar panels! By this means Aravindan shows the way of innovative sustainable agriculture for the 21st century. […]

Kudumbam – welcome to the family!

Kudumbam means family in Tamil, and it is the name of the Trichy-based organisation in Tamil Nadu (South India) where I will spend the next five months for an internship. The atmosphere within the organisation is very friendly and I have been feeling like home since the start! Kudumbam is an NGO working for sustainable rural […]